VESA Mount Patterns

General Technology

Flat screens have revolutionized the global display market by replacing the bulky CRT TVs and monitors. One of the compatible features of flat displays is wall mounting. The main advantages of wall mounting include stylish and modern looks, free space in the living room, and viewing angle resilience. The interface between flat displays and applications used for mounting them on walls is called mounting interface. VESA or Video Electronics Standards Association has issued a family of standards for mounting interface patterns for a complete range of flat displays to depict interface mounting pads, wall mount brackets, and other mounting apparatus. These standards are called Flat Monitor Display Interface or VESA Mounting Interface Standards (MIS). The following are the variant MIS standards that help you to choose a suitable stand or bracket for your monitor with details of screen dimension and its weight. MIS-B: The mounting hole patterns for the MIS-B standards are suitable for screens from 4 inches (102 mm) to 7.9 inches (202 mm) and weight less than 4.4 lbs (2 Kgs). The hole patterns for MIS-B compliant monitors, should be at 50 X 20mm. MIS-C: The mounting hole patterns with the MIS-C standards are for screens from 8 inches (203 mm) to 11.9 inches (304 mm) and weight less than 10 lbs (4.5 Kgs). VESA MIS-C compliant monitors are manufactured with 200 X 100mm hole pattern. MIS-D: The MIS-D standard mounting interface is further classified into MIS-D-75 and MIS-D-100. The layout of MIS-D-75 standard monitors has 75 X 75mm hole patterns and the layout of MIS-D-75 standard monitors have 100 X 100mm hole patterns. These are used for mid-size displays of 12 inches (305 mm) to 22.9 inches (583 mm) wide viewing screens and weight less than 30.8 lbs (14 Kgs). MIS-E: The MIS-E interface is used by larger displays with screen size of 23 inches (584 mm) to 30.9 inches (786 mm) and weight less than 50 lbs (23.7 Kgs). These are also categorized into MIS-E-100 and MIS-E-200. The layout of MIS-E-100 compliant monitors is equipped with 200 X 100mm hole patterns and the layout of MIS-E-200 compliant monitors with 200 X 200mm hole patterns. MIS-F: The MIS-F interface is used for large Plasma and LCD displays with screens greater than 31 inches (787 mm) wider. These hole patterns are based on 200mm spaced variations to be compliant with larger monitors but weight not more than 250…

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