How Covid-19 Spreads?

How Covid-19 Spreads? COVID-19 has affected the world’s normal activities. There are multiple ways the virus is transmitted and has transformed the world in many ways. Scientists all across the world have conquered ways to prevent the spread of the disease as well as the effective procedures of flattening the curve. Coronavirus is transmissible in different ways including- • Person-to-person transmission- The person-to-person transmission will involve the process of close contact with infected people. Close contact will mean that an infected individual can transmit the virus through droplets from coughs and sneezes, aerosol transmission, surface transmission, and fecal-oral process. • Community spread- Community spread is when an individual from society is infected from somewhere they can’t trace. • The involvement of pets- Pets are said to transmit the virus, but the notion is yet to be proved. The modern world and technology have influenced the spread of viruses across the globe in a few hours. International flights have facilitated the approach of spreading viruses across borders. The Great Flu was among the greatest pandemics that had similar symptoms and spread strategies to the Coronavirus. The Great Flu also affected the respiratory systems, which led to death from breathing complications. There are a number of procedures that would be vital in preventing the spread of the COVID-19 • People are advised to work from home • Avoid social interaction • Practice social distancing • Washing hands regularly • Self-isolation • Avoid visitors • Use a face mask • Disinfect surfaces And • Self-quarantine The process will help in flattening the curve as well as protecting people from being infected. This is because Viruses are lethal in affecting the patients in less time than other diseases. The advancement of technology provides a solution to the epidemics and pandemics in recent times. It became easy to detect, study, and contain the epidemics and pandemics before they go global through scientific studies. Also, sophisticated technological devices in the health sector spearheaded the moves to manufacturing vaccines and medicines. They also enable the study of the genome sequence of viruses and diseases fast becoming easy to develop a cure. Part of it is for research studies to create a path for the virus, either accidentally or not, to infect human beings. Studies reveal that COVID 19 also has higher reproductive abilities making it difficult to contain. Countrywide measures are taken to minimize the spread of […]

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