Overview China, Hong Kong, Taiwan

Overview China, Hong Kong, Taiwan Internet penetration of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan are 40%, 75% and 75% respectively. Although in absolute terms of number of internet users, China leads with 538 million users, followed by Taiwan with 17 million users and lastly Hong Kong with 5 million users.   In terms of Internet users and in terms of internet penetration, the following figures give us a clearer picture of previous statements.   As we can see, comparison between absolute number of internet users and internet penetration shows very different picture in Asia, especially when considering China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The age demographics of internet users for these three countries is represented through the following figures.     Growth in internet penetration and mobile penetration in China has been phenomenal. The growth charts given below illustrate this over the years.   Internet penetration growth has been steady over the years, and there is no reason why the trend would not continue. Even though internet penetration is less than 50%, China has the most number internet users in the world. Theuse of internet on mobile also has grown quickly with double digit growth registered in 2008 and 2009. Even though the growth rate has been comparatively slow in 2010 to 2012, it still is a healthy growth. The figure below points out the major activities on mobile by Chinese mobile users. Clearly instant messaging is the major activity. This is the reason for success of many instant messaging applications in China such as Wechat (known as Weixin in China), Line and similar other apps. Mobile microblogging has always been very actively pursued by Chinses users. Even though previous applications such as Fanfaou, Jiwai and Digu were shut down by the government, the new platform Weibo has still attracted many users...

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