3D Precision Printing & Design

Confidentiality Statement This document and the provided information in it are strictly confidential and is addressed to a specific person with an understanding that the addressed personal will adhere to the confidentiality clause and will not disclose or distribute any part of this plan to third parties without the prior written permission of the author. Data includes any data, reports, agendas, or attachments that may be taken in or referred to in this document. Executive summary 3D Precision Printing will be a business in the 3D printer and service industry.  The main function of this business will be 3D modeling and prototyping concepts. The business will deal with the sale of 3D models that can be both tested and used for prototyping or replacement of current pieces or fixtures in equipment or other items in everyday life. The competition is quite minimal since there are only a few comparable existing businesses and currently no competition in the local region. This specific industry is considered a young market and is comprised of a few companies who vary in size. The biggest companies, such as Solid Concepts and Shapeways, these companies are already in the business of cooking up the 3D components (Phalke, 2013). Our business will provide distinguished 3 dimensional models and prototypes that can be employed in marketing, testing, and innovation.  These “3D prints” will be formed out of one of a few different materials.  Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, also knew as ABS plastic is excellent for high temperature resistance, and Polylactic Acid is also known as PLA has excellent durability and casting accuracy (Desktop-Engineering).  3D Precision Printing will use Fused Deposition Modeling (Startasys) commonly known as FDM to print high quality products out of the above materials. We will also offer 3D printing in metals and soft plastics through the...

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