The Illusion Of Greatness – How To Project Security On To Others By Projecting It On Yourself

Education English General Philosophy

If you’re reading this, perhaps you are like me when I was in high school, shy, nervous about what others might say about me, avoiding confrontation whenever possible, no social life, pretty much being invisible to others. Well if that is the case keep reading on, I promise you’re going to learn something new and perhaps help you in some way. It wasn’t until later on while I was in college that I realized that I was a natural born leader all along, that I always had what it takes to talk to any girl I wanted and that I have more confidence than anyone I know. Today we are going to focus on one key point in leadership building, the illusion, if you truly believe you are something at your very core then you are just that. So let’s get right down to it, illusions are all around us, all the time, when you read the newspaper or a magazine, when you look at the night sky and see the stars, when you feel pain, all these are illusions. When you read a magazine and you see a picture that you like, you just think you are seeing an image but what you’re really seeing is a collection of colored dots that when put together create the illusion of an image. When you look at the night sky and see the stars you might think that you’re seeing them as they are right now but you’re really watching an illusion of what they were many years ago in the past. When you feel pain your body is telling you that something is not right, but we can learn to tolerate it. So what all that has to do with building your confidence? Well, confidence is just that, an illusion, the bigger the illusion the greater the confidence and the security in yourself, and the more you trust in yourself the more others will do the same. If you tell yourself a lie many times over it becomes real, as real as you want it to be, once you create an illusion of what you want eventually stops’ being an illusion and it becomes real. Basically it all comes down to a mental game; the strongest in this case is not the physically gifted but the one with the most powerful mind. What I want you to do is to…

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