Change Management Plays An Important Role In Any Organization Since The Task Of Managing Change Is Not An Easy One.

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Importance of change management Change management plays an important role in any organization since the task of managing change is not an easy one. When we say managing change we mean to say that making changes in a planned and systemic fashion. With reference to the IT projects we can say the change in the versions of a project and managing these versions properly. Changes in the organization or a project can be initiated from within the organization or externally. For example a product that is popular among the customers may undergo a change in design based on the triggering factor like a competitive product from some other manufacturer. This is an example of external factor that triggers a change within the organization . Introduction “UPSer:…..As you know, our company is experiencing a series of dynamic changes. We are, more than ever, questioning why and how we do everything associated with running our business. During this time, we have come to realize that many of the traditional processes we have become accustomed to need to change because they continue to increase our operating costs. We all need to admit to…shortcomings and then commit to becoming advocates for the change required to move to a much higher level.” Kent C. “Oz” Nelson, Chief Executive Officer “Change represents an opportunity to grow…to participate in the creation of the UPS of tomorrow.” Jim Kelly, Chief Operating Officer As the year 2000 approaches, the economy is changing from a manufacturing base to an information/service base. What has brought about these changes? Demographic and economic changes, technological advances, increased global competition, emphasis on quality, customer demands forcing companies to look for ways to be more efficient (outsourcing, part-time workers, self-directed work teams), government policy changes (NAFTA), and other workforce issues such as the decline of…

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