Case Study Reclaiming Land From Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor The Public Demands A Voice

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Case study: Reclaiming land from Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor: The Public Demands a Voice . I. Overview of the case Through the years Hong Kong’s economy and population have been growing in a rapid pace. During the British rule the executive-led model of decision making reigned and a whole generation was raised in an environment where there was little space for civic involvement in policy making.[1] Prior to the handover of Hong Kong to China some measures were introduced to allow some more democratic mechanism that would act as a checks and balance on the executive-led government.[2] . To foster the economic growth, the executive-led authorities of Hong Kong explored ways to expand its land surface and further spur economic growth through investments in infrastructure and residential and commercial real estates. A dispute between the Government and civil society organizations about the extent of the reclamation of Victoria Harbor emerged and impacted the primacy of policy making in Hong Kong. . The case study shows how the Hong Kong Government indicated it was willing to make initial steps towards moving away from a view of the issue of reclamation as a competitive issue to one of a common problem. The solution of such a common problem would be in finding a balance between environmental protection and urban development.[3] The quest to such a solution should occur through a process that is perceived as fair, transparent and participatory by the non-government stakeholders. In order to achieve such a status it is important that the Government changes its perspective of unilaterally deciding what is good for the country to actually moving to a modus of operandi that not only informs the public about its plans but allows for meaningful engagement that involves consultation in the policy making process. . II. Sequence of…

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