What Is Hepatitis B & C?

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Hepatitis B is an infectious illness caused by the virus of the same name. It infects the liver of hominoidea and causes inflammation called hepatitis. Other symptoms include jaundice, vomiting, liver cirrhosis, cancer etc. The virus causing this disease is a hepadna-virus. It has a circular genome composed of partial double stranded DNA. These viruses replicate though RNA intermediate by reverse transcription and are pretty similar to retroviruses. Hepatitis C is an infectious disease affecting the liver caused because of the Hepatitis C Virus. The infection is known to be Asymptomatic and can scar the liver of a human being for life. This at times leads to liver failure, complications making up cirrhosis and often leading to esophageal varices and gastric varices. The virus spreads because of blood-to-blood contact. The infection can be treated through medication, ribavirin and peginterferon. Both of these diseases are treated and eradicated through Ayurveda at Ayurvedic Hospitals. Hepatitis B & C Treatment at Ayurvedic Hospitals happens through medicines such as Interferon and Rebetron. Interferon is the natural product your blood cells produce for defense against the virus. There are three types of viruses categorically fought off by this medicine, namely alpha, beta and gamma. The medicine is pretty competent enough to fight off all three types of viruses and ensures they get treated well and taken care of. Rebetron is another medicine that Ayurvedic Hospitals providing Hepatitis B & C Treatment make use of extensively. This medicine is a combination therapy of Interferon and Ribavirin. The combination is pegged to suppress blood levels of HCV pretty effectively than a first course or repeat course of interferon alone. Ayurvedic Hospitals research a lot for their Hepatitis B & C Treatment. They provide a dosage for this therapy, the combined therapy being suggested at 3 MIU of Interferon injected thrice a week and 1000-1200 mg of Ribavirin divided daily. This prescribed dosage is usually suggested to the patient for around 24 Weeks to a Whole Year. Depending on the results, further dosage gets regulated. Hepatitis B & C Treatment at Ayurvedic Hospitals follows a very methodical and categorical approach toward healing this ailment. Lots of herbs and natural essences are used to ensure the diseases are isolated in the body and do not spread to other parts, contaminating them in the process. Though no sure shot cure has been found for these diseases, it is widely said…

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