Vitamin E For Acne Scars?

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There has been the common notion that Vitamin E is good for the skin. What about the case of acne scars? Will Vitamin E be effective in diminishing acne scars? Of course there are other options for acne scars treatment such as chemical peels, Fraxel laser and dermabrasion. They seem to be proven methods of removing acne scars. But then again, one important matter should be put into consideration – the cost. Vitamin E ointment just may be a solution to acne scars if you want something affordable and economical. But is it really effective? Researchers in Dermatologic Surgery did an investigation on the efficacy of applying Vitamin E on acne scars. The verdict: application of this vitamin to healing wounds can actually hinder the skin’s repair process, therefore, topical Vitamin E for acne scars treatment should be eliminated from your list. Fifteen subjects were involved in the study, each of them having undergone skin cancer removal surgery. The subjects were given two types of ointment: Ointment A whose components are that of common moisturizing agents, and ointment B which has the same ingredients but only with added Vitamin E. During weeks one, four and twelve of the study, the patients and the doctors observed the effects of the ointments on the scars. The results of this study showed that for 90% of the subjects, topical Vitamin E either wasn’t effective or actually worsened the appearance of the scars. Thirty-three percent of the subjects also acquired contact dermatitis from the application containing the vitamin. According to the result of this study and contrary to held beliefs, topical Vitamin E is discouraged in the treatment of acne scars. While the topical form of this vitamin was proven to be ineffective in diminishing acne scars, consumption of Vitamin E in the diet, however, can actually have positive results for the skin. Ingesting this vitamin nutrient may aid in the skin’s healing process, such as that of acne scars. This has been proven in a study reported by the International Journal of Experimental Pathology. This study investigated and found that wound healing is slowed down if the body has a deficiency of antioxidants such as Vitamin E. It’s efficacy in acne scars healing is proven especially if adequate amounts of this fat soluble nutrient is consumed. It means a daily RDA intake of 30 International Units (IU). For adults, intake level of this…

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