What Are The Details Behind Gensona Genetic Testing?

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The Interleukin Commitment Interleukin Genetic’s goal is to provide the best available genetic information, to help you make intelligent lifestyle decisions related to nutrition, exercise, lifestyle habits and health care practices aimed at preserving your good health into your later years. Interleukin’s state-of-the-art genetic testing laboratory is certified under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) to ensure accurate, high quality, secure results for every test. Gensona™ Genetic Tests Interleukin Genetics’ goal in the nutrigenomics sector is to partner with leaders in the food and nutrition industry to develop nutritional products that extend wellness by first identifying those individuals with specific genetic variations and then to provide products to those persons. These targeted products will be in the form of specially configured nutritional supplements or functional foods. Interleukin is currently in partnership with Alticor* (Quixtar**) to market genetic tests linked to nutritional products direct to consumers. Nutrilite, the 75-year old leading nutrition brand worldwide, is the nutritional division of Alticor and is responsible for developing the nutritional products that are matched to Interleukin’s genetic tests under the Gensona™ brand. * Alticor is the parent company of Amway Corp., Amway Global, Access Business Group LLC, and Alticor Corporate Enterprises. **During 2008-2009, Quixtar is adopting the Amway Global name in North America. This change is part of a larger transformation of the business opportunity that includes exceptional new products, expanded support, and enhanced compensation. So when you read the name Quixtar in this article, think Amway Global. Gensona Genetic Tests are backed by world-class science of individuals’ genetic predispositions to common diseases or health conditions and ultimately will help them make informed decisions about extending their wellness zone. * The Gensona Heart Health Genetic Test is the first and only IL1 gene test to identify an individual’s predisposition for over-expression of inflammation and increased risk for CVD and acute cardiac events. * The Gensona General Nutrition Genetic Test identifies nutrient metabolism (including vitamin B and antioxidants). Gensona Testing Service to Consumers Interleukin’s state-of-the-art genetic testing laboratory is registered under the Clinical Laboratories Improvements Act (CLIA), to assure accurate, high quality and secure results for every Gensona Genetic Test. The Interleukin laboratory is committed to providing quick, easy and reliable testing service and quality tests: * User-friendly sample collection packets * Centralized laboratory process utilizing best available analysis techniques for reliable results and short turnaround times. * Easy to read and interpret laboratory test…

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