Psychological And Social Factors That Come Into Play When A Consumer Makes A Purchase .

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The psychological and social factors that come into play when a consumer makes a purchase are vast and varied. There are many things that can influence us when we make a purchase. Things like the time of day, our financial standings or cultural background are some of the many factors. As a consumer goes through purchasing process then will take everything into account before and after buy a product. The product that will be discussed in this paper will be video gaming systems. The first factor discussed will be reference groups. Reference groups are defined as groups of people that serve as frames of reference for individuals in their consumption decisions before they are received as credible sources (Schiffman and Kanuk, 2010). The most influential reference group is the consumer’s immediate family. This reference group influences things like what type of food to eat, personal hygiene and things like morals and values. These things will play a factor in any decision a consumer makes. With that being said they most definitely play a part in the purchase of a video gaming system. If the consumer grows up and the household can’t afford or isn’t allowed to have video games systems they the consumer will never develop a need or want for them. If a consumer grows up enjoying video games and the interaction involved with it they will want to buy one when they have the chance to do so. Other reference groups include the comparative reference group. A comparative reference group is a benchmark for specific or narrowly defined attitudes or behaviors (Schiffman and Kanuk, 2010). This could be a friend or person the consumer knows that has something the consumer wants. The comparative reference group is people who the consumer wants to be like. They may be in…

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