Mcdonald’s Has Brought Smiles To Many Faces Throughout The Years And Continues To Play A Major Role In Our Everyday Lives

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Stephanie Lynch-Moreno BPS 4305-007 Professor Dan Bochsler . . . . McDonald’s . . McDonald’s has brought smiles to many faces throughout the years and continues to play a major role in our everyday lives. We know the slogan, “I’m loving it,” by heart and we recognize the bright yellow arch that resembles the company. This iconic company, which has been around for several successful decades had hit a rough patch in the fast food industry. The world’s largest restaurant chain faced considerable challenges in 2013 stemming from a declining economy and other external forces (Strategic). . . External Forces: . McDonald’s vision needed to change because of the external factors taking place all around them. McDonald’s had not improved their technique, marketing, or update the menu in several years. It had become very apparent that lack of strategic planning was affecting the overall running of the company. Consumers were looking for healthier, more exotic food choices and were turning to the competitors. The competitors included Wendy’s, Burger King, and Chick-fil-A. The attitude of consumers needs had changed due to the overwhelming influence of the media, politics, and health experts. The rise of obesity in the U.S. alarmed many and the negative documentary Super Size Me made by Morgan Spurlock displayed the enormous amounts of health risks associated with the products offered by McDonald’s. The films content brought many lawsuits and created a huge uproar for the company (Strategic). The general environment had changed and McDonald’s was not up to par. The sociocultural forces influenced the values, beliefs, and lifestyles of the society, which proved to be damaging. There was a greater concern for healthy diets and physical fitness. This influence depressed the sales of McDonalds because the menu still reflected the old mentality of the fast food industry (Strategic)….

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