Feedback To google The Quest To Balance Privacy With Profits Presentation.

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Feedback to “Google: The Quest to Balance Privacy with Profits” Presentation The presentation had followed a very positive sequential arrangement of the slides. The presentation is properly classified into introductory part, Introduction to the problem statement of ethical privacy abuses, and the conclusion part which keeps the audience attached to the information provided. The first introduction part introduced Google and its expanded programs with highly effective facts followed by references to the facts from where the stats and quotations are included. The rationales illustrated to support the arguments in all portions of the presentation are very informative and authentic. A description of the copyright issues and a detailed explanation of the formulated solutions to tackle the issue along with statistical information and authentic facts persuasively strengthen the need and benefits of the solutions. Although the data and sequence in the presentation is very effective but the presentation clearly lacks visual and graphical support to make the presentation more interesting and compelling. For example the 4th slide in the presentation presents the benefits for the Google employees such as free gourmet lunches, outdoor volley ball courts, etc and the support to the facts could have been further increased by adding one or two visual images of these facilities in the organization’s offices. Similarly, graphical representations of the ethical abuse are missing in the presentation. Last but not the least; I would have preferred to use a separate reference page in the end of the presentation rather using references in the speaker’s notes section. Overall, I would again appreciate the efforts put in the presentation in the form of statistical rationales, sequential analysis of the case, and practical suggestion to implement in the ethical culture of the Google to address the issue. A little visual and graphical support along with a separate…

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