Federalism And Its Effects On U.s. Citizens.

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Federalism and its effects on U.S. citizens   Is federalism necessary? Federalism is a structure of state or government in which power is split between a federal government and other state governments. U.S constitution allocates some authorities or powers to central government and some to state or provincial governments. Moreover there are some special rights or powers which both central and state/provincial governments can enjoy. Composition of foreign policy, power to sign treaties, declaration of war, control of import and export, right to print money, polices like fiscal and monetary policy are few authorities of federal government which makes federalism necessary [USlegal (2014)]. Effects on U.S. citizens of federalism One of the positive effects on the United States’ citizens is that with the division of power between federal and state government, it has become easier to control the diverse population of United States. This is only due to the reason that state and local administrators, government employees and officials are much closer to the public and can solve problems more efficiently. The expansion of authorities among national and state level due to federal system has given the citizens more access and rights to meet their rulers, leaders or government authorities along with the opportunities to share their positive role to support government [Sparknotes (2015)]. Besides positive effect, the negative effect is that it hurdles the way of creation of a unanimous or national policy on different issues. There are different policies in different states on the same issue which leads to disturbance and creates confusion among citizens and people of United States. Some critics claim that federalism cannot function well due to ignorance and difference in policies which impacts people of U.S negatively [Sparknotes (2015)]. Resources USlegal (2014). Federalism-U.S Legal system. [WEB] Retrieved from: http://system.uslegal.com/federalism Sparknotes (2015). Advantages and Disadvantages…

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