Federal Involvement In Education.

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Federal Involvement in Education The Federal government is playing sufficient role for the betterment of educational standards in the USA to improve the quality of education to compete in the global educational standards. The federal government has realized its responsibility and provided authoritative autonomy to the local and state governments to handle most of the educational issues independently by passing the power of decision making to the grass root level by passing the legislative bills in the Congress [The Center for Public Justice (2015)]. Federal authorities involve themselves in the monitoring and regulatory activities for the improvement in the educational system. Feds provide essential support to the local state institutions in the form of financial funding required to run educational operations efficiently. These funds allotted by the Congress every year in the budget and passed to the school through the Ministry of Education [The Center for Public Justice (2015)]. These funds are used to conduct standard testing for the students and evaluations of the performance of the students is measured after gathering statistical data and feedback from these tests. The results of the tests conducted for the students are also used to evaluate the performance and competencies of the teaching staff [Marc F. Bernstein (2013)]. Federal legislation has also passed the bill in the Congress titled “No Child Left behind Act” which provides appropriate funds to the schools to conduct accountability of the students and those who do not meet the national standards of the education must be provided free tuitions after the school sessions and classes regarding their subjects [The Center for Public Justice (2015)]. References The Center for Public Justice (2015). How are Different Levels of Government (Local, State, Federal) Involved in Education? Is this Involvement Just? [WEB] Retrieved from: http://www.christiansinvestingineducation.org/levels_of_government Marc F. Bernstein (2013). Huffington Post. The…

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