Cja 484 Criminal Justice Trends Paper.

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CJA 484 Criminal Justice Trends Paper Criminal Justice Trends Paper CJA/484 Criminal Justice Trends Paper New philosophies to aid in the future progress of corrections are being developed as a result of past and current trends. The issues and concerns surrounding the corrections component of the criminal justice system are overcrowded prisons and their decreasing budget. If these issues and concerns are not address, they will continue to affect the effectiveness and future operations of corrections. Restorative and community justice programs are options being considered for the future of corrections as administrators, legislators, and activists debate philosophies to address these issues and concerns resulting from past and current trends. In the past, the national political climate favored the “get tough” approach against crime. It was believed that treatment programs could not reduce recidivism. Furthermore, it was also believed to keep the national crime rate low and protect the public, offenders of crime must be punished to deter crime. As a result, reforms such as truth-in-sentencing and three-strike legislation were implemented into the law. These reforms targeted individuals involved with drugs and repeat offenders of crime. The reforms fueled an increase in arrests, higher conviction rates, and longer periods of incarceration causing the incarceration rates to skyrocket. According to Webb (2009), we have an incarceration rate in the United States that is five times higher than the rest of the world. With 5% of the world’s population, our country now houses 25% of the world’s reported prisoners (Webb, 2009). Presently, past trends have led to current issues and concerns within the corrections component of the criminal justice system. One of the current issues and concerns concerning the corrections component of the criminal justice system is the increased correctional population that has become severely overcrowded. Prisons being overcrowded can cause many problems. One of several major concerns overcrowded prisons has presented is limited space to house offenders. Without proper spacing to house offenders many of them have to be double-celled. Offenders have the right to have a certain amount of space while serving time in prison. Not possessing the required amount has led to legal issues. A legal case in 1981 addressed overcrowding as potentially cruel and unusual punishment (“Prison Overcrowding is a Growing Concern in the U.S.”, n.d.). Overcrowded prisons have also caused stress among offenders as well as staff. A study done in 2006 found that a high prison population…

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