Beh 225 Final Project Interview Profile.

Education English General Psychology

BEH 225 Final Project Interview Profile Axia College of the University of Phoenix Scope of the Assignment I look forward to getting optimal understanding of the basic psychological conceptions by selecting an individual for my interview who I consider to be smart and up-and-coming.  I also wanted to discover additional information about this individual to allow for a more truthful relationship during the course of the interview.   Amanda appeared to be a fitting contender. Who is Amanda? Amanda is a 22-year-old, Caucasian, soon to be married female who is employed full-time as a supervisor for a Non-Profit Organization.  She lives with her Fiancée in a house they share with a roommate. She indicated that living with their roommate makes her use more effort on retaining a high quality living situation for herself.  She also indicated that she feels that most senior executives are not concerned with their company’s workforces and remain, instead, fixated on their wages and other personal concerns.  Amanda feels that she has a positive impact on her associates and friends because she cares about their general well-being. Interview Location The interview took place at work last weekend.   Her place of work is well-reserved, small and in a silent part of the workplace. She shows her rewards and certificates prominently in her office. Insights and the Interview This assignment outlines the following areas:  learning (knowledge, wisdom), memory, personality analysis, motivation, personality growth, intellect and social understanding.  These are notions that relate to everyone’s day-to-day life.  I will compare the individual’s responses to my own responses to the identical questions that were asked.  The development of particular personality traits and attitudes is emphasized in this study.   Factors that relate to these parts are: first relations, experiences, and the effect of gender and ethnicity.  In addition, learning style, intrinsic versus…

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