Practical Connection – Reflection on the Application of Course Skills and Techniques

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  Practical Connection   Student Name Course Name Instructor Name Date of Submission   Practical Connection A Reflection on the Application of Course Skills and Techniques in a Working Environment with Databases Work skills are essential, especially in the field or site of application. They come in handy and help one out when they need to handle work-related activities. So is my work area, which has got many activities to do with database management and maintenance. In this reflective essay, I will discuss how skills from this course have been applied in my work environment, especially with database management. I have been able to apply data modeling in the design and scrutiny of a new data model adopted by two organizations during a merger. An instance is T-Mobile in the wake of its merger with Sprint Corporation. This became necessary since, after the merger, the two corporations had to use the same model database, implying the conjunction of the two previously used databases. A new way for data elements’ interaction with the real world entities as necessary for the better customer service of the clients. Therefore, it is an application point for the data modeling skill obtained from this course. I have also been able to apply database debugging and optimization skills in database management. These skills come in very handy when one needs to test any problems with a database system. Databases are made by human beings, and humans are prone to error. As a result, there is a need for error detection in the databases regularly to eliminate as many errors as possible. When I first applied this skill, I found errors but could not manage to correct them. It took the assistance of a colleague to help me recover the problem to have the database back to work. Such errors can arise in the merger corporation such as T-Mobile and Sprinter Corporation since their separate databases were not meant to work as one, but now have to be forced into a unit, or better still, work harmoniously with each other. I, therefore, require to have the debugging skill to enable me to detect any errors caused as a result of the harmonious working or the unification of the two systems. Optimization was essential in the workplace to allow me to work on the system and make it respond more quickly where possible. The last skill I have…

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