What do you think went wrong?

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Solution for Case Study 1-A Questions   What do you think went wrong? Which characteristics of group behaviour can you identify the case with? If you were in Rizwan’s position, what would you have done differently? If you were Rizwan, what would you do now?     è Solution for Question 1. The Team Got Diverted from the main objectives of the Session, They were given the task to Design the Divider Tray, but they got Diverted and were forcing their own suggestion to redesign the handling procedure and to be written and Enforced. è Solution to Question 2. Non-Storming; because they were supposed to take decision over the designing the divider tray. TASK FORCE; formal Group, roles are defined. Norms are Defined and assigned. They have a Cohesion in the Group and Structure is interdependent. è Solution to Question 3. I would have forced the Team to follow the Decision of the Committee. è Solution to Question 4. I would have asked the Team to follow the strict instruction of the Committee, as it might have affected my and their jobs as well.                   Solution for Case Study 2 QUESTIONS (a)  What kind of problem in the group process existed before teams were introduced? Explain the concept. Why did this exist? (b) What challenges had to be overcome for teams to operate effectively at Cutler Hammer? (c)  What reasons do you attribute for resistance to the new concept of ‘pods’? Examine the same with reference to group behavior and the dynamic processes associated with it. (d) Draw out the lessons from this case in the form of strategies for implementation to help teams become more effective. è Solution to Question 1 Job Process was old and was not good. As it was highly customer oriented and the size of Company was increasing. No Control on Sales and it was becoming highly problematic to handle the staff, so even the customers were not getting happy. è Solution to Question 2 We had to Improve everything from Supply chain, to production. And we had to improve even in After sales Service Proper Customer Relationship. Improvement has to be done in managing the workforce. There should be some cohesion between the two Groups. è Solution to Question 3 Defined Roles Size and Structure Cohesion between two Sales Representative and Pods. Trained Profession è Solution…

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