Miracle Of The Holy Quran

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Session: 04 Miracle of the Holy Quran . . • What is Miracle? • What are the characteristics of miracles of the Quran? • Different messengers have different types of Miracle (Mojeza) • The Quran is itself a Miracle • Numerical Miracle in the Holy Quran • Prediction miracle in the Quran • Historical Miracle of the Holy Quran . . . What is Miracle? . The Word “Miracle” expresses an event that is beyond the capacity of man or society. Miracle (Mojeza) is the part and parcel of the history of Islam. Allah has sent different nabis and rosuls that mean messengers, in various communities and places of the earth according to His promise done, to direct man to the correct path, the right direction. The numbers of these messengers are approximately one lac and twenty four thousands or other opinion is two lac and twenty four thousands. Whenever a messenger comes to his community and invokes (cÖv_©Yv Kiv) them saying, “Allah has sent me as messenger, obey my words, you will get the right direction”; then most of the peoples distrusted (Awek¦vm) him and asked, “What is the proof that you are a messenger?” . Very normal and logical question. Allah gives the messenger some special power to perform unearthly (Acvw_©e) events (Mojeza/Miracle) for the reliability (wek¦vm‡hvM¨Zv) of the people. Allah Himself brings about those events but through the messengers. These very unusual events are known to us as the Miracle (Mojeza). This means that, the unique and unearthly events Allah has brought about by the messengers for their confirmation are called the Miracle (Mojeza). . What are the characteristics of miracles of the Quran? Therefore in every era (hyM) we can find a miracle of the Quran which is compatible (mymsMZ, mvgÄm¨c~Y©) with the Science at that time. . Different messengers have different types of Miracle (Mojeza) . Different messengers have different types of Miracle (Mojeza). Like: Solaiman (As.) understands the language of the angles, animals and birds; the stick of Moses (As.) turns a large and dangerous snake after throwing. The touch of Isa (As.) i.e. Christ cures the lepers (Kzô‡ivMx) and born blinds. He rises up a man died three days ago. ? . Search: the miracle of isa (as) in google . But the engaging matter is, the word Miracle (Mojeza) is absent in the holy Qur’an, rather Allah used the word ayat (verse) i.e. sign. Every miracle performed by the…

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