Argumentative Persuasive Research Paper

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Argumentative Persuasive Research Paper Task: Argue your side effectively on a debatable topic of your choice. I prefer if you choose a topic that is of interest to you, or to your future academic studies, or to a career path you have chosen, so that what you write for my class can then be used as sample work when you move on. Since it’s a debatable topic you have to take a stand/ position – are you pro or con? Then explore the opposition’s arguments and prove that opposition wrong. If you cannot come up with a topic, I have some debate topics with articles (but these articles are old), so I will expect you to get more recent articles from the library databases: ProQuest, Opposing Viewpoints, and or Kanopy) to add to your store of articles to be used as sources for your research. Here are the 8 topics you may choose (but I truly admire if you come up with a topic of your own), but if you cannot come up with your own topic you may use one from the suggested list of debates. This is to make it easier for you): • Athletics benefits the academic environment • Technology’s impact on human relationships • Dress code impacts the learning environment • Impact of helicopter parenting • Oscars represent America’s diversity • What’s better? Trade School or College • Tuition free college benefits all • Wage increase benefits do not justify benefits for all As you can see the above topics are debatable. Some may say it is beneficial and some may say it is not beneficial. You have to take a stand on whatever topic you choose. Then come up with a list of Question (after accessing prior knowledge), read the articles to see if your questions are answered, if go online and look up the databases to find articles. There are two rough drafts needed for this, but if these rough drafts are in bullet points, I am ok with that too. Rough Draft 1: Argument You will choose a debatable topic as your subject. You may argue either side of the issue. Define the topic in terms of your argument. Describe in detail the issues related to your topic that supports your claim. Present evidence that supports your claim. . Rough Draft #2: Refutation You will argue the same topic/side as you did in RD #1. Imagine you have presented your paper…

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