A Case Study Diabetes Mellitus Type II “The Weakest Link”

    A Case Study   Diabetes Mellitus Type II   “The Weakest Link”                                             Health history   Demographic profile                  Name: R.G         Gender: Male         Age: 41 years old         Birth date: September 23, 1967         Birth place: Pasig , Metro Manila         Marital status: Married         Nationality: Filipino         Religion: Born Again- Christian         Address: Brgy. Pantihan 3, Maragondon, Cavite         Educational background: High school graduate         Occupation: Factory worker in Monterey         Usual source of medical care: Doctor/Healthcare Professional     Source and reliability of information           The patient R.G is the primary source of information. He is conscious and coherent, able to speak Tagalog fluently. His wife is also considered as source of information regarding patient status and condition.   Reasons for seeking care or chief complaint (Top 3)           1st – Loss of his weight         2nd – Insufficient sleep at night         3rd – Scaly of skin       History of present illness   Patient R.G was handled during our duty at Brgy. Pantihan 3, Maragondon,,Cavite with the chief complaint of insufficient sleep at night, loss of his weight and scaly of skin. The laboratory test and special treatment for the patient are not applicable because this case is base on community setting.   PAST MEDICAL HISTORY OR PAST HEALTH   Pediatric/childhood -Incomplete immunization- (-) serious illness on this stage Injuries or accidents -1992, right leg accident due to mishandling of machine Serious or chronic illness -December 2003, Diabetes Mellitus diagnosed clinically -2x FBS result 300mg/dl -2006 Pulmonary Tuberculosis, diagnosed clinically -Chest X-ray and sputum AFB examination -2007 Urinary Tract Infections -Urinalysis (pyuria) Hospitalization -1992, Water Rose General Hospital…

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